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unofficial testing site as we POC the idea of having a club site outside of FB/Strava

Upcoming PWCC Strava Club RidesZwift Public Cycling Group Rides and Group Workouts for TodayFacebook Rides
EST 05:30 AM USA Cycling Coffee with Hot Espresso Presented by Team ODZ
EST 05:30 AM European Lunch Ride
EST 05:45 AM Xert Surplus Seeker Ride
EST 05:50 AM KISS at Base Training Ride
EST 05:50 AM GRIT Party time
EST 05:50 AM Uphill Battle
EST 06:00 AM Sepp Kuss: Cadence Efforts | Jumbo-Visma
EST 06:00 AM 3R Endurance Ride
EST 06:00 AM Thomson Bike Tours Endurance Ride
EST 06:00 AM Haute Route Nation Rides // Steady Pace
EST 06:00 AM Workout of the Week
EST 06:05 AM BASE Performance Wednesday Sessions
EST 06:05 AM Team I Race Like A Girl
EST 06:05 AM RO4H Wednesday Spin
EST 06:30 AM VO2 Max -3 Minute
EST 07:00 AM CHINA ZCRC Group Training Ride
EST 07:00 AM Women's Team Recovery Ride | Jumbo-Visma
EST 07:00 AM TTR Booster 2.0-2.5W
EST 07:00 AM The HERD Morning Ride
EST 07:00 AM Veselka Ride for Ukraine
EST 07:00 AM Trek Malaysia Social Ride
EST 07:00 AM Never Not Riding by Specialized Asia
EST 07:05 AM DIRT Mid-week Ride
EST 07:15 AM VO2 Max 40/20
EST 07:30 AM ODivaZ 2.3 Ride
EST 07:40 AM Amalgam
EST 08:00 AM BMTR Short Adventure
EST 08:00 AM Men's Team Workout | Jumbo-Visma
EST 08:20 AM Anaerobic Capacity into VO2
EST 08:30 AM Ascenders Team Easy Eddy Ride
EST 08:30 AM USMES – Wednesday BOOT CAMP
EST 09:00 AM Marianne Vos: TT Workout | Jumbo-Visma
EST 09:05 AM Ascenders Team Midweek Ride
EST 09:15 AM BanditZ WandererZ
EST 09:20 AM Arise
EST 09:30 AM EZR Wednesday Short Ride
EST 10:00 AM Wout van Aert: VO2 Max Training | Jumbo-Visma
EST 10:00 AM Workout of the Week
EST 10:20 AM Arise
EST 11:00 AM Mid Week Power Ride with L39ION
EST 11:00 AM Coryn Labecki: Sprint Workout | Jumbo-Visma
EST 11:00 AM Vitality for UNICEF Group Ride
EST 11:00 AM WEDU Wednesday
EST 11:00 AM Ride with Filippo Ganna | INEOS Grenadiers
EST 11:25 AM Escalation
EST 11:30 AM TEAM VEGAN Mixed Salad
EST 11:30 AM Veterans Mid-Week ride hosted by Invictus Games Foundation
EST 12:00 PM Sepp Kuss: Cadence Efforts | Jumbo-Visma
EST 12:00 PM SZR Cycling Enthusiasts
EST 12:00 PM Mountain Massif: Structured Training - Aerobic Stretch
EST 12:00 PM Cycle Nation Joburg Sundowner
EST 12:05 PM Scannellatori Seriali - NIGHTMARE CHALLENGE
EST 12:05 PM Cycle Nation Segment Smasher
EST 12:10 PM Paracycling Group Ride hosted by NCF
EST 12:15 PM Paceheads After Work Group Ride
EST 12:20 PM Vikings Valhalla Recovery Rde
EST 12:30 PM VirtuSlo 4Endurance Interval Ride
EST 12:30 PM EVO CC Mini Vamos! Cat C+ [~2.8-3.2w/kg avg]
EST 12:30 PM LEQP Provence Rose Ride
EST 12:30 PM RAD RACE x PUSHING LIMITS Group Workout #2
EST 12:30 PM ZZRC Midweek Mountain Madness & Sub 60
EST 12:30 PM Giant Camden Functional Reserve Workouts
EST 12:45 PM 3R Steady State Endurance Ride
EST 12:45 PM Squadra Castelli
EST 12:45 PM BCS Women's Ride
EST 12:55 PM Team Italy Up and Down Intervals
EST 01:00 PM Women Only Wednesday Donny Chaingang - WOWDCG powered by Full Speed Events
EST 01:00 PM Women's Team Recovery Ride | Jumbo-Visma
EST 01:00 PM NGNM Women Crush Wed - Training Ride
EST 01:00 PM GTCC Weekly Ride
EST 01:00 PM Rhino Sausage Roll Social
EST 01:00 PM Rocacorba Collective Women Only Recon Ride
EST 01:00 PM The HERD Bull Run
EST 01:00 PM "Las Chilis" ZESP
EST 01:00 PM KALAS Group Ride
EST 01:00 PM Team EF Coaching Weekly Training Ride
EST 01:00 PM Ride With Pro | Coryn Labecki: Sprint Workout | Team Jumbo-Visma
EST 01:10 PM Le Col Cycling Club Community Sessions
EST 01:10 PM AEO Drop Watts n' Sprint!
EST 01:15 PM Vikings Valhalla Freya's Challenge
EST 01:25 PM PACK 1.5 Supportive
EST 01:25 PM Ham Sandwich
EST 01:25 PM Team Italy & La Squalo TV – Ride with Domenico Pozzovivo
EST 01:30 PM Wahoo Le Col Group ride
EST 01:30 PM ZHCC Fine & Dandy Gravel Ride 1.5w/kg – 2.0w/kg
EST 01:30 PM Flanders Cycling Happening
EST 01:30 PM ZZRC Happy Hour
EST 01:30 PM Movember CC
EST 01:30 PM SZR Groupworkouts by Aktivitus
EST 01:40 PM ZZRC Green Goblins Sub 2 Spin
EST 01:45 PM TBR MounTRONeering
EST 01:50 PM AHDR Bacon Rolls p/b JetBlack
EST 01:50 PM Team CLS Ride n Explore
EST 02:00 PM Endure IQ Training Squad Session
EST 02:00 PM Zwift NL - Int. Women's Cycling AMS Workout
EST 02:00 PM ZSUN Rising
EST 02:00 PM ZTPL Cycling Club Chase Ride
EST 02:00 PM AHDR Euro p/b Giant
EST 02:00 PM The WCC Wednesday Wobble Group Ride
EST 02:00 PM Rowe & King - Workout Wednesday
EST 02:00 PM Workout of the Week
EST 02:00 PM Men's Team Workout | Jumbo-Visma
EST 02:10 PM OTR Snap Crackle Pop King/Queen of Libby Hill
EST 02:10 PM REVO Social SUB2
EST 02:15 PM Team Velos Social Sprint Series
EST 02:20 PM Lactate Shuttle
EST 02:25 PM CMA Ladies Only Social Ride
EST 02:25 PM QueenBee Thursday Social
EST 02:30 PM Innovation Multisport – Midweek Recovery Double Draft Event
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