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unofficial testing site as we POC the idea of having a club site outside of FB/Strava

Upcoming PWCC Strava Club RidesZwift Public Cycling Group Rides and Group Workouts for TodayFacebook Rides
EDT 04:10 AM AHDR Ladies p/b Liv Cycling
EDT 04:20 AM Orange Unicorn
EDT 04:30 AM TEZH | Endurance Ride
EDT 04:45 AM INC Relentless Interval Training
EDT 05:00 AM SantiTreinos GroupWorkout
EDT 05:00 AM Tour of Watopia 2023 | Stage 3
EDT 05:30 AM PACK 1.5 Beginners Ride
EDT 05:30 AM Power2Tri Multisport Coaching - 8 Week Triathlon Base/Build (Phase 1)
EDT 05:40 AM The Placeholder Tuesday Group Ride
EDT 05:45 AM Tower 26 Group Workout
EDT 05:50 AM All American Bikes Ride presented by GRIT
EDT 05:50 AM MGCC Ride & Race
EDT 06:00 AM Slowtwitch Indoors: Ride Of The Valkyries Workout (Women Only)
EDT 06:00 AM PF&H Social Series p/b TeamZF
EDT 06:00 AM CRYO-GEN Power Tuesday Group Ride
EDT 06:00 AM Coeur Velo Weekly Interval Session
EDT 06:00 AM Team Valhalla Wake-up North America Ride
EDT 06:00 AM Tour of Watopia 2023 | Stage 3
EDT 06:15 AM DIRT - Road DAWGZ Endurance Ride
EDT 06:30 AM European Lunch Ride
EDT 07:00 AM DIRT Rolling Thunder Ride
EDT 07:00 AM GGCC Glasgow Green Cycle Club Tuesday Training Ride
EDT 07:00 AM Tour of Watopia 2023 | Stage 3
EDT 07:00 AM Club Yummy's Workout Party
EDT 07:05 AM Spaded Sweetie
EDT 07:30 AM RCC Global Club Ride
EDT 07:40 AM Kinetic Group Ride
EDT 07:45 AM SAZ Weekly Long Ride
EDT 08:00 AM Team ODZ Tuesday Coffee and Espresso Ride
EDT 08:00 AM Hong Kong Cycling Group Ride
EDT 08:00 AM Tour of Watopia 2023 | Stage 3
EDT 08:20 AM TTR Cruiser 2.7-3.2
EDT 08:35 AM Bonbon
EDT 08:45 AM Tower 26 Group Workout
EDT 09:00 AM REVO Social SUB2
EDT 09:00 AM Tour of Watopia 2023 | Stage 3
EDT 09:05 AM Ascenders Team Spin & Sprint
EDT 09:10 AM KX3 Women's Freestyle Ride
EDT 09:30 AM Nosco Foundation Social Ride p/b Liv Cycling
EDT 09:30 AM EZR Tuesday Base Miles
EDT 09:30 AM Lance Watson's Champion Intervals
EDT 10:00 AM Best Buddies Challenge - Tuesday Tuneup
EDT 10:00 AM The Grind Finale
EDT 10:00 AM Team Challenge for Crohn's & Colitis Ride
EDT 10:00 AM Tour of Watopia 2023 | Stage 3
EDT 10:10 AM CAF Ride
EDT 11:00 AM Braunstein Cycling Club Danish Group Ride
EDT 11:00 AM Dubai Roadsters Club ride
EDT 11:00 AM Tour of Watopia 2023 | Stage 3
EDT 11:05 AM Uphill Battle
EDT 11:15 AM Yas Cycles Community Ride
EDT 12:00 PM Tour of Watopia 2023 | Stage 3
EDT 12:05 PM Team Africa Rising
EDT 12:20 PM VO2 Max -3 Minute
EDT 12:30 PM Fenchy Fuzion Climbing Ride
EDT 12:30 PM TCB Training Ride
EDT 12:50 PM The Herd Gallops
EDT 01:00 PM Cycle Nation Joburg Sundowner
EDT 01:00 PM Tour of Watopia 2023 | Stage 3
EDT 01:30 PM 3R PedalPlay EVOLVE Interval Ride [~2.9-3.2 w/kg avg]
EDT 01:30 PM Cocorico Workouts – Bikes France
EDT 01:30 PM TEAM VEGAN Seitan's Workout
EDT 01:50 PM la GenevaTriathlon du mardi
EDT 01:55 PM The HERD Tuesday Social
EDT 02:00 PM RCC Global Club Ride
EDT 02:00 PM Tour de Tietema - Recovery Ride
EDT 02:00 PM VO2 Max 40/20
EDT 02:00 PM BCS Turbo Tuesday
EDT 02:00 PM The Tour 21 Tuesday Social
EDT 02:00 PM ZTPL Cycling Club and Prawie.Pro Rookie Ride
EDT 02:00 PM Tour of Watopia 2023 | Stage 3
EDT 02:00 PM Rocacorba Collective Workout Ride
EDT 02:15 PM ZZRC Ladies Night Out 1.5
EDT 02:20 PM ZZRC Chain Reaction Sub 2
EDT 02:25 PM Roll with Castelli
EDT 02:30 PM KIRCHMAIR Beginners Race
EDT 02:30 PM ZHCC Tuesday Tootle 1.5w/kg average
EDT 02:30 PM SZR "Almost" Flat Ride
EDT 02:30 PM Hotchillee WOT (Watts on Tuesday)
EDT 02:30 PM Vikings Valhalla Tuesday Rehabilitation Ride
EDT 02:30 PM British Triathlon Series - Group Ride
EDT 02:45 PM PACK SUB2 Europe
EDT 02:45 PM Team Rynkeby - Europe's most meaningful cycling team!
EDT 02:50 PM Team CLS This 'n' That
EDT 02:50 PM AHDR Caffeine p/b GIANT
EDT 03:00 PM BanditZ Tuesday Social Group Ride
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